We can get Rid of feces, old insulation and other waste from your attic.
Attic Waste Removal
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Attic Waste Removal and Restorations

Animal Feces and Carcus Removal
Animal Feces and Carcass Removal
The removal of animal feces and carcasses is a task very few people like to undertake.

Animal feces and carcasses will need to be sanitized & treated before the removal process can proceed safely. All of the animal feces and carcasses potentially carry very harmful infectious diseases.
Large animal carcasses will need to be removed by hand and then bagged for disposal. Smaller animal carcases and feces can often be removed safely with our high powered vacuum or again by hand if required and disposed safely.
Here is a picture of a crew in there personal protective equipment. Wearing tyvek suits, gloves, and full face respirators.

Haz-mat specialists