We can get Rid of feces, old insulation and other waste from your attic.
Attic Waste Removal
A Division of American Animal Control

Attic Waste Removal and Restorations

Sanitizing and Deoderizing

Sanitizing and Deodorizing
Sanitizing- is one of the first and last steps to a clean up. First large piles of feces, guano, and droppings are treated before we remove them. This allows us to kill spores and bacteria before they are disturbed when removing. Once all the attic has been cleaned of feces, guano, droppings, debris and insulation removed. We treat all surfaces in the attic space for bacteria, fungi, viruses and more.

Deodorizing- is important to reduce the odors that may be left behind from the past infestation. This is done after all feces, debris and insulation has been removed.